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Important Questions Before You Buy or Sell a Home

If you are planning to purchase or sell your home, our advice will help you answer the following questions: What is a Real Property Report and Compliance Certificate and why is it important? What special zoning or other rules or restrictions apply to this […]

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12 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a New Home

Your real estate agent knows the market. It is their job pay attention to real estate sales and help you find a home that meets your needs. But before you buy a new home, you need to be sure that […]

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When high conflict enters divorce—Apple Magazine

Apple Magazine recently published an excellent article on the cost of a high conflict divorce. But as Greg Harris writes: Divorce and separation needn’t be so financially and emotionally costly or turn into a court battle. One Alternative is collaborative […]

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Authorization and Consent to Travel Form

When you let your child travel with friend, babysitter, or relative, they may need to have proof of your consent. An Authorization and Consent to Travel form sighed before a Notary shows that you have allowed your child to travel […]

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GST/HST Policy Statements

Revenue Canada’s website provides in-depth information on tax policies. If you need more information on how GST or HST affect your business, take a look at their policy statements page. Revenue Canada: GST/HST Policy Statements

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Links for your Personal Legal Research

If you are looking for legal information or advice, there are a number of resources you can turn to. The Edmonton Community Legal Centre (ECLC) gives free legal information and advice to individuals and families in the following areas: Landlord […]

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Common-Law Relationships in Alberta

Many people in common law relationships don’t usually know the difference between their relationship and a marriage. This causes a lot of confusion and grief if the relationship ends either through breakup or death. This article will explain what a […]

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Common-law Relationships and Cohabitation Agreements

When a couple chooses to live together they are entering a relationship that can have legal consequences if they choose to separate in the future. Under Alberta law, a couple is considered to be in a common law relationship if […]

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How you can help your child purchase their first home

Many parents want to help their children buy their first home, but are unsure how to proceed. Put yourself in the following situation. Your daughter has finished university and is employed in a full time career. She wants to purchase […]

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Purchasing a Property: Real Property Report and Compliance Certificate

Many purchase and sale contracts are signed and delivered to real estate lawyers’ offices only a few weeks, or even days, before the contract closes without sufficient documentation to close the sale. If you do not have a current Real […]

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