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When high conflict enters divorce—Apple Magazine

Apple Magazine recently published an excellent article on the cost of a high conflict divorce. But as Greg Harris writes: Divorce and separation needn’t be so financially and emotionally costly or turn into a court battle. One Alternative is collaborative […]

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Authorization and Consent to Travel Form

When you let your child travel with friend, babysitter, or relative, they may need to have proof of your consent. An Authorization and Consent to Travel form sighed before a Notary shows that you have allowed your child to travel […]

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Common-Law Relationships in Alberta

Many people in common law relationships don’t usually know the difference between their relationship and a marriage. This causes a lot of confusion and grief if the relationship ends either through breakup or death. This article will explain what a […]

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Common-law Relationships and Cohabitation Agreements

When a couple chooses to live together they are entering a relationship that can have legal consequences if they choose to separate in the future. Under Alberta law, a couple is considered to be in a common law relationship if […]

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